Betsy Rozelle


I will help make any of the following easier and run more effectively:

  • Employee or Customer Focus Groups
  • Business Simulations
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Difficult Conversations

There’s something about hearing people’s stories and opinions that pumps me up. To say I’m a “people person” is a trite understatement. You know that feeling you get when you’re at a live musical performance, sporting event, or movie theatre and everyone is erupting in applause or laughing or cheering? It’s that “we’re all in this together” feeling of affinity. Well, that’s the way I feel every time I’m facilitating a group . . . whether it’s a group of 4 or 40 or 400. My goal is to help everyone else in the group get that same feeling of “we’re all in this together.” That maximizes comfort level, which leads to candid feedback, creative problem-solving, and cohesiveness. Whether the group is comprised of team members who work together or strangers who may never see each other again, my job as facilitator is to help each individual feel they are a meaningful part of the group and that what they say and feel is important.

Why Choose Rozelle Communication?

You need facilitation that leads to candid sharing, creative thinking and problem solving.

My facilitation style uses affinity building techniques to:

  • ensure 100% participation.
  • break down barriers in focus groups and work teams.
  • empower your people to create solutions.

From My Clients

Betsy is a customer-centered consultant.  She is intent on finding out what you’re trying to accomplish so that she can help get you there.

      ~ Maureen W., HR   large paper manufacturer