Betsy Rozelle


Legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi is famous for developing a winning team by starting with the fundamentals. “Gentleman, this is a football.”

It’s that concept of starting with the basics that sets Rozelle Communication apart. Most of the training you’ve experienced has a common denominator: relationship building. Every sales training, customer service training, leadership training, or team building session has an element of “people skill”  development. Makes sense, right?

What doesn’t make sense is that the trainer usually assumes that all people already know about the basic building blocks of relationship development and how to successfully use those skills. At Rozelle Communication, I approach training differently. The “football” in each of my training sessions is the basic concept of affinity.

All training essentials— personal and professional — begin with the need to learn how to build affinity between people. All other skill sets build on those basic principles. You and your team will reach your greatest potential only when you’ve become proficient at the very basic skill of affinity building.

I’ll customize training to meet your organization’s needs. Here are some examples:

  • Problem: Your company is experiencing high employee turnover and scores poorly on employee-engagement surveys. In exit interviews, your employees said they felt their managers didn’t care about them as people. As a result, they felt little loyalty to the company.
  • Affinity-Based Solution: Rozelle Communication specializes in custom “Affinity Building” training to build cohesive and caring relationships between managers/staff and among employees. I’ll teach easy-to-apply strategies for building successful relationships.
  • Problem: Your sales staff has good results, but you know they’re capable of more. There seems to be a missing ingredient to their relationships with clients.
  • Affinity-Based Solution: Rozelle Communication offers a one-hour “Building Affinity with Clients” program that can be tailored to your staff’s needs. The training will develop the basic skills necessary for sales staff to connect with clients/customers quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Rozelle Communication?

Build Affinity training makes managers and teams better. Build Affinity workshops:

  • use copyrighted, user-friendly diagrams that teach relationship-building.
  • will improve your organization’s employee engagement.
  • will make your good managers great managers.

From My Clients

“We received glowing feedback from staff who participated in the breakout session on Affinity Building for Teams that Betsy Rozelle gave during our staff conference.”

      ~ Mary P., President and CEO   community action agency