All training essentials—personal and professional—begin with the need to learn how to build affinity between people. All other skill sets build on those basic principles. You and your team will reach your greatest potential only when you’ve become proficient at …READ MORE


There’s something about hearing people’s stories and opinions that pumps me up. To say I’m a “people person” is a trite understatement. You know that feeling you get when you’re at a live musical performance, sporting event, or movie theatre and everyone is …READ MORE

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Success is at the intersection of each strong relationship you build. Seeking Common Bonds gives you specific action steps to take your business and personal relationship-building skills to the next level. It’s an easy read that packs a big punch…ORDER NOW!

Rozelle Communication uses the basic understanding that PEOPLE MATTER to foster valuable connections between people. Its Build Affinity program helps individuals and organizations move from simple connections to successful relationships.

Affinity: the connection between and among people, based on common experiences, passions, and interests. The ability to discover and develop those connections is the key to successful relationship building.

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  • You’ve had a ton of training over the years, but none of it has armed you with the basic tools you need to build successful relationships.
  • Your company needs someone with the unique ability to break down barriers between people.
  • You need someone who will use unique affinity-building techniques to facilitate a brainstorming session, a focus group, or corporate meeting.
  • You’d like someone to speak about the power of affinity building at a gathering of any size.
  • You need someone to help your company design a successful simulation experience.

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Affinity Building . . . through Bodybuilding?

  • November 12th, 2014
My daughter Bree is into bodybuilding.  I’m not.  Or, at least, I wasn’t. When shown a picture of a woman with bulging biceps and massive quads, my first reaction is, “oh, wow, why would a woman want to look like that?”  And the bodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger-ish men were, at best, an enigma, and, at worst, a turn-off to me. That mindset is starting to change . . . but only because I’m making a conscious effort at affinity building. For the past few years, Bree has been dedicated to a near-daily gym routine of cardio and weight lifting. When she started dating Justin, who happens to work out at her gym, his passion for bodybuilding rubbed off on her.