On our flights back from Maui recently, my husband and I wiped our airplane tray tables and seats down completely to kill “THE” virus … or so I thought. As I touched the button to raise the arm rest, I realized I hadn’t wiped down that particular little button.  How many people had touched/infected that button in the last few days?  Shoot.  I thought I was being so darn consistent and thorough.
When we returned home, I vowed to do my best to consistently maintain a Covid-19-free home.  Then my husband would come home from work and forget to wash his hands before touching 4 door knobs.  I’d start the sanitizing all over again … and realize that I forgot to wash off the handle of the refrigerator door yesterday … oh, and the lid on the wash machine that I touched five times.  So much for being consistent.  And, considering “CONSISTENCY” is my “word of the year” for 2020, I wasn’t exactly being the poster child.
My small moments of carelessness and inconsistency — missing a few door knobs or not wanting to spend time to sanitize each piece of fruit — could spell disaster.  I claim to be dedicated to my core value of consistency, but am I REALLY?
Several days into our quarantine I’ve finally made a habit of wiping down ALL surfaces we touch.  Social distancing, while not pleasant, has become the norm …because it’s IMPORTANT, a “core value” in the fight against the pandemic.
Since we seem to be looking at most things through the lens of contagion right now, let’s think about how important consistency is with our corporate values.  You say your company values “PEOPLE FIRST,” “INNOVATION,” [...]